If you want to up-scale your understanding and knowledge of various yoga-related topics, this is the place for you!

Master Your Chaturanga

Learn how to safely learn this deceptively hard posture from busting alignment myths, discussing modifications to ideas for building the required strength.

Yoga Wheel Masterclass

Got a yoga wheel? This Masterclass will teach you ENDLESS ways to use it in your practice.

Yogis Who Lift

Learn the techniques to lift weights in ways that will enhance your flexibility and how to combine yoga and strength training together.

Arm Balances for Beginners

Break down the walls that hold you back by learning the secrets to arm balance success. This workshop will get you your first 5!

Master the Middle Splits

Think you're not designed for the middle splits? Think again! Learn the anatomy behind the middle splits and how YOU can achieve this impressive posture!

Yoga Anatomy + Biomechanics

Part 1: Pelvis + Lower Body

Knowing your anatomy transforms the way you're able to move it! Knowledge is power!

Yoga Anatomy + Biomechanics

Part Two: Shoulders + Spine

Knowing your anatomy transforms the way you're able to move it! Knowledge is power!

Progress to Pincha

Learn exactly how you can master this fun forearm balance pose from understanding what to do with your body, to helpful drills that get you success!

The Skill of Sequencing

If you're a yoga teacher who feels stuck and stagnant in creating classes that keep your students coming back, look no further! Let me share all my sequencing experience with you in this workshop.

Arm Balances for Improvers

Elevate your practice to the next level by learning some crazy cool arm balances. This workshop helps you realise they aren't as hard as they may appear!

Flexibility for Front Splits

Finally get your front splits by learning exactly what you need and exactly how to do it!

Perfect Your Wheel

Become a master of backbends by understanding the anatomy of the shoulders and spine and how to truly conquer your mobility to perfect your wheel!

The Secrets of Flexibility

Want to be more flexible? Then you need to know the secrets to flexibility. Learn everything you need to transform your abilities right here!