Arm Balances for Improvers

Finding flight on your hands is one of the most empowering parts of the practice, so if you’ve caught the Arm Balance bug and keen to see where else you can take it, then you’re in the right place.

This workshop looks at some traditional, and non-traditional arm balances, so we can look at how to evolve our practice to the next level!

We break each pose down into bite-sized chunks so you can understand how to find success - discussing props and modifications to help you find a way to enjoy practicing each and every balance in a way that works for your body!

This workshop was designed to take all in one go, but has been broken down into sections to help you navigate your way around should you wish to return to a particular balance at a later date!



The Mechanics of Arm Balances

Learn the secrets to how to make these impressive poses balance so effortlessly! We will look at the anatomy of an arm balance to help you truly understand what to do with your body and cover the essential techniques which are the key to success!

Part 2

Prepare to Flow

Let's get a little house-keeping out the way, get you prepared with the correct props and give you an idea of what we are about to tackle!

Part 3

A Flow to Help You Fly

Time to warm up the body, prepare the necessary muscles in an efficient way and explore mobility in the hips, hamstrings and shoulders so that we are primed for success!

Part 4

Flying Crow

There are many different ways to tackle flying crow - some infinitely harder than others!

In this section we look at the most accessible way to approach this arm balance, and explore the use of blocks to help us along the way!

Part 5

Funky Crow

Time to get funky! Funky arm balances mean that one arm is down on the forearm instead of the hand!

Many people find this a MUCH more stable position where much more strength and balance can be found. You might surprise yourself with this one!

Part 6

EPK1 & 2

So perhaps you've already tried EPK1 and EPK2, but here we'll give ourselves a little reminder or refresher and then I'll share my best tips with you of how to transition from one to the other!



Flying Pigeon

Let's open those hips, prepare those shoulders and see if we can get our flock of pigeons to fly! This one takes a fair bit of flexibility, but I've got some handy hints to help that not hold you back!

Part 8


Hip mobility at the ready, it's grasshopper time! Grasshopper pose is both a big hip opener and a deep twist, so we'll prepare our bodies beforehand before giving this cool little shape our best try!

Part 9


The arm balance that got me hooked on yoga! In my humble opinion, there is nothing more awe-inspiring than firefly pose!

In this final leg of the workshop, we'll work on opening up the hips and hamstrings and then piece together this amazing balance, with progressions and prop ideas to help us along the way!

Part 10

Wind Down Stretch

With the hard work done, let's round off this workshop with a calming, gentle stretch 😌

Well done!

Ready to put your new knowledge into practice? Why not tackle Take Flight, a 10-day arm balance challenge!

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