Arm Balances for Beginners

The Arm Balances for Beginners program is designed to help beginners learn their first arm balance - and maybe even more!

This simple workshop will give you the 'mental cues' that get you a perfect crow pose, a soaring side crow and an epic EPK2!

Success isn't about brute strength, it's about specific, yet simple technique that I'm here to share with you.

Prepare for the words 'I can't believe I just did that!' to fall from your lips!

This workshop was designed to take all in one go, but has been broken down into sections to help you navigate your way around should you wish to return to a particular balance at a later date!



Understanding the Mechanics of Balance

Learn the secrets to how to make these impressive poses balance so effortlessly! We will look at the anatomy of an arm balance to help you truly understand what to do with your body and cover the essential techniques which are the key to success!

Part 2

The Flow to Help You Fly

Let's get the body warm, prepare the necessary muscles in an efficient way and explore mobility in the hips and shoulders so that we are primed for success!

Part 3


Crow pose is often the arm balance that people learn first - but is it the easiest?!

Let's break down this pose step-by-step, looking at ways to make it more accessible to give you a progressive way to find balance and share my top tips for overcoming common problems such as knees sliding off the arms!

Part 4

Side Crow

Now let's get a little twisty as we explore side crow. There are a few different ways we can approach this balance to find one which works best for you.

Many people find side crow easier than crow - will you?!

Part 5


Spoiler alert - THIS is what I think is the most beginner friendly arm balance!

We'll explore this arm balance from a few different entries as every body is different and one of them will feel easiest for you!

Part 6


EPK1 is the love child of Side Crow and EPK2!

So now that we have an understanding of how those arm balances work, let's explore this twisting balance and a selection of progressions from easiest to hardest!



Flying Lizard

If you've never seen a lizard fly, prepare to see your first after this!

A slightly less well known arm balance that many people very much surprise themselves with first time success!

We'll use blocks for this one to give us a little extra space to work with and opportunity for success!

Part 8

Shoulder Pressure Pose

This is the first arm balance of the workshop that is unlike all the others! 

We'll explore the major differences and what that means for the mechanics of the pose, and I'll take my top tips to help you find balance in this surprisingly accessible pose!

Part 10

8 Angle

There ain't no other arm balance that makes you feel more like a ninja than 8 angle!

This balance is pleasantly low to the floor and therefore the fear factor is much less prominent, making it super beginner friendly!

Part 11

Wind Down Stretch

You've done the hard work, so we'll end this workshop with a gentle little wind down stretch, and now you're ready to take all your arm balancing knowledge and skills into the big wide world and continue to practice them within classes!

Well done!

Did you manage to get your first arm balance? Let me know in the Community section or share some progress pics there!

If you'd like to keep putting what you've learnt into practice and keep improving your arm-balance confidence and skill, why not give the Take Flight Challenge a go!

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