Yoga Programmes

Our yoga programmes range anywhere from 4 to 30 days long. From getting back into a regular routine to nailing your first Pincha, this is the place to find a structured approach to your practice to help you hit your goals!

Back to The Mat Challenge

Wanting to get back into a regular practice or just need a little extra motivation to move every day? Try 'Back To The Mat'!

The 28-Day Perfect Wheel Challenge

My step-by-step program to help you perfect your Wheel pose in the next 28 days!

Beginners Yoga Challenge: 7 Days of Practice

New to yoga? Why not try this beginner-friendly challenge and start to build yourself a practice routine.

Done At Your Desk

This series is designed to combat all the negative effects of prolonged sitting, with a class for each day of the week!

Progress to Pincha Challenge

A 28-day challenge to Progress To Pincha. Build strength, flexibility, understanding and confidence.

Master The Middle Splits Challenge

Learn how to do the Middle Splits the RIGHT way with this 28-day program.

The 30-Day Handstand Plan

A step-by-step programme to take you from absolute beginner to holding incredible handstands in 30 days!

30 Days of Morning Yoga

The best way to start your day! No practice is longer than 30 minutes.

Reset: A 7-Day Challenge

Sometimes we need to take things a little slower. 7 days to reset body and mind.

Alive in 5

Wanting to get back into a regular practice or just need a little extra motivation to move every day? Try 'Back To The Mat'!

Take Flight: 10-Day Arm Balance Challenge

10 days to try 10 arm balances!

The Original 21-Day Yoga Challenge

Try this challenge to help give you the motivation to get on your mat each day and see how much better you can feel for it!

The 28-Day Front Splits Challenge

My step-by-step program to take you from complete beginner to achieving amazing front splits!

Hack Your Hamstrings: 14-Day Challenge

If you're serious about wanting to improve your hamstring flexibility, this is the challenge for you!

10 Minutes for 10 Days Challenge

If you're struggling with time or motivation, give this 10-day challenge a try.

Better Balance: 10-Day Challenge

Build your strength, co-ordination and mind-muscle connection so you can getter better at balancing!

14-Day Core Power Challenge

A strong core is key to balance and stability - use this two week challenge to build a core of steel!

Build Your Wheel: Mini Series

A collection of classes to help you build a badass Wheel!

So You Wanna Handstand?!

A four-part mini series working on all the things we need in order to handstand!

Unleashing Inner Strength and Flexibility

A 10-day yoga challenge designed to help you unlock your inner potential and cultivate both physical and mental well-being.