Hack Your Hamstrings: 14 Day Challenge

If you're serious about wanting to improve your hamstring flexibility, this is the challenge for you!



Simple Hamstring Mobility

This beginner-friendly mobility class helps you develop hamstring flexibility through simple strengthening and lengthening movements.

Day 2

Yoga For Runners

This yoga flow class is all about finding length in the muscles that feel short from running.

Day 3

Back To Basics

This 'basics' flow is full of postures that you might be super familiar with. Warrior 2, Wide Leg Fold, Reverse Warrior and Downdog.

Day 4

Hamstring Folds

This hamstrings focused flow explores various postures to safely lengthen the back of the legs and inner thighs.

Day 5

Lengthen Those Hamstrings

Today we get lengthening those hamstrings!

Day 6

Single Dumbbell Lower Body Workout

A 30 minute lower body circuit style class which primarily targets your glutes!



Internal Rotation For Longer Hamstrings

Explore a range of hip mobility that will help unlock more comfortable & deeper forward folds, improving your hamstring flexibility.

Day 8

Happy Hamstrings

This class is all about the hamstrings! Long, strong and helpful for handstand practice!

Day 9

Deep Stretch: Hamstring Flexibility

A class of both strength and softness for hamstring flexibility.

Day 10

Hack Your Hamstrings - Mobility Training

This class takes you through a mobility training session to work on the strength and range of motion we need to make it happen!

Expect to experiment with both active and passive flexibility exercises as we target more than just the hamstring muscles for optimal gains!

Day 11

Simply Sun Salutes

In this class we move through Sun Salute A, B and C with a little sprinkling of variety in there for good measure.

Day 12

Morning Yoga For Stiff Legs

Give the legs a good stretch out to start your day well :)

Day 13

Flexibility Flow

A flexibility focused sequence, holding stretches a little longer to give the muscles time to release.

Day 14

Hamstrings + Hip Flexors

The 2nd of a 4 part series working on handstand! This class is all about the flexibility of the hamstrings + strength of the hip flexors

(If you'd like to try all 4 of these classes check out the So You Wanna Handstand Mini Series!)

Hamstrings feeling longer and stronger?!

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