More Mobility Challenge

We all want to ability to move with freedom and ease, and the best way to make sure we can do this for as long a possible is to regularly work on our mobility! 

More Mobility is a 14 day challenge to do exactly what is says on the tin… give you More Mobility! Hips, ankles, shoulders, upper back, you name the joint, this challenge is going to lubricate it up!



Mobility: Hips + Ankles

A mobility class to work into the hips and ankles, trying to find a little bit more comfort and range of motion with every repetition.

Day 2

Mobilise Your Morning

An energising class to mobilise the body with juicy spinal twists and full body stretches.

Day 3

Yoga & Mobility Hybrid

Mobilise your hips, spine and shoulders with this short, creative class to feel better in your body :)

Day 4

Fluid Spine

The spine can flex, extended, side bend and twist and this class does a little bit of each all within 10 minutes!

Day 5

Weighted Flow

A flow class with weights!

Day 6

Pigeon Hips

Open up those hips with this hip mobility flow which includes Side Angle, Pigeon variations and seated folds.

Day 7

Bodyweight Mobility Workout

An EMOM style bodyweight workout focusing on movements which help us improve mobility in the hips, hamstrings and shoulders

Day 8

Deep Hip Stretch: Glutes

Tight hips be gone! This low intensity, stretchy class is mostly seated and will leave your hips feel juicy goosey!

Day 9

Happy Hamstrings

This class is all about the hamstrings! Long, strong and helpful for handstand practice!

Day 10

Twisting Ladder Flow

A twisting sequence of shapes that broaden the chest and lengthen the lats.

Day 11

Improve Your Ankle Mobility

This class is giving those ankles some love, woven amongst a sequence that will also strengthen your legs and open your hips!

Day 12

Intermediate Hip Mobility

A no-flow-zone! Work through a range of bodyweight mobility exercises using a chair/bench, opening up and strengthening the hips.

Day 13

Be Flexible, Not Fancy

If you're looking for some straight forward, no frills flexibility work, this class has you covered!

Day 14

Stretchy Slow Flow

Take it easy with a slow, stretchy flow - moving through some lower body stretches at a gentle pace.

Amazing work!

Keep your momentum going by jumping in to the More Mobility Challenge V2!

More Mobility Challenge V2