14-Day Core Power Challenge

A strong core is key to balance and stability - use this two week challenge to build a core of steel!



Core + More

A strong flow class with standing poses like Warrior 2 and Side Angle, and core strength movements such as Side Plank, Fallen Triangle and Crow

Day 2

All Corners Of The Core

This core focused class might not feel like a typical core class!

Day 3

Yoga For Core

A perfect start for beginners to focus on building strength in their core.

Day 4

Yoga Inspired Core Strength Circuit

Our core is made up of our abdominals, obliques, hip flexors and lower back muscles and this class is going to strengthen them all!

Day 5

Fiery Core

Does exactly what it says on the tin! Short but spicy core strengthening class.

Day 6

Not Boring Core

Just 10 minutes to feel better in your body, today we get strong in our anterior core!

Day 7

Core Twists

Moving through some of my favourite basics, adding some twists to strengthen the core. Steady pace, steady breath.

Day 8

Resistance Band Flow: Upper Body + Core

Grab yourself a resistance band as we move through a flow of pushing, pulling and stabilising movements for upper body + core.

Day 9

Be Strong

This class has a strengthening theme - building strength in the legs, the core, and even an opportunity to try out an arm balance.

Day 10

Short n Spicy Fire Flow

A strong practice which includes 8 Angle pose and some creative transitions to challenge your body and mind. Enjoy!

Day 11

L-sit: Forward Folds + Core Strength

An L-sit combines hamstring flexibility, core strength and a lot of strength in the upper body to find that float away from the ground.

Day 12

Yoga With Dumbbells: Upper Body + Core

Grab a weight or two to build upper body strength and core strength in this yoga with dumbbells class!

Day 13

Get Strong Morning Flow

Start your day feeling strong, capable and ready to take on the day!

Day 14

Rotational Core Strength: Tripod to Side Crow

This class is going to prepare you in the best way possible to nail that tripod to side crow transition!

You smashed it!

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