Monthly Practice Calendar
Monthly Practice Calendar

Monthly Practice Calendar

Spend less time choosing and more time moving. Just turn up and take the class of the day!

Here's Your April Calendar

This calendar will give you a little bit of everything for a well rounded practice, from strength building to back-bending!



Shoulder Mobility Flow

This 20 minute yoga flow is all about shoulder mobility, to help you stretch out and strengthen the shoulders.

Apr 02

Kicking into Handstand

This class explores different ways to kick into handstand all woven into a strong, strengthening flow.

Apr 03

Sculpt: Full Body Strength Training 2

Build full body strength with this Sculpt Strength Training Class. We use mobility-based exercises to get you strong AND flexible.

Apr 04

Alive in 5: Class 6

The Alive in 5 series is designed to get you moving and feeling better in just 5 minutes.

Apr 05

Yoga for Everything!

A flexibility focussed class to hit a little bit of everything!

Apr 06

Hips & Twists for 8 Angle

Work through a series of thoracic twists and hip openers as we prepare to try out 8 angle pose!

Apr 07

Restorative Yoga

Take your time with this low intensity, supportive practice to find a sense of release in the muscles and allow your brain to chill

Apr 08

Sculpt: Upper Body Strength Training

Lets build some empowering strength in the chest, arms and back with this Sculpt Strength Training Class. Expect 45s of work to 15s of rest!

Apr 09

Hamstring Folds

This hamstrings focused flow explores various postures to safely lengthen the back of the legs and inner thighs.

Apr 10

Simple Hip Mobility Movements

In less than 20 minutes this class will open up the hips, find you a greater range of motion, and awaken those often sleepy glutes.

Apr 11

Sculpt: Lower Body + Core Strength Training

Strong legs AND a strong core?! Yes please! This circuit style strength training class gives you both whilst improving your mobility too!

Apr 12

Finding Calm

Bring your focus inward to feel into your body and tune out the world around you, helping you to find that nice sense of calm within.

Apr 13

Find Your Inner Karate Kid

I've never done karate, but I'm taking a guess that to be good at karate you need mobile hips, good balance and a pretty snappy karate kick.

Apr 14

Be Flexible, Not Fancy

If you're looking for some straight forward, no frills flexibility work, this class has you covered!

Apr 15

Sculpt: Lower Body Strength Training

Sculpt yourself some strong and mobile hips and hamstrings with this lower body strength training class!

Apr 16

Flying Lizard Power Flow

27 minutes of juicy hip openers, creative balancing and having a try of Elephant Trunk to Flying Lizard arm balance transition. Spicy!

Apr 17

Deep Hip Stretch: Glutes

Tight hips be gone! This low intensity, stretchy class is mostly seated and will leave your hips feel juicy goosey!

Apr 18

Stretch & Balance

This 20 minute yoga class is centred around closed-hip postures including Pyramid Pose, Revolved Triangle and Warrior 1.

Apr 19

New Class

New classes will be released on the day.

Apr 20

Better Than Coffee

A morning practice to give you a positive kickstart to the day in a non-caffeinated way!

Apr 21

So You Wanna Side Crow?

Build strength in the rotational core to help us find success in Side Crow.

Apr 22

Mobility: Hips + Ankles

A mobility class to work into the hips and ankles, trying to find a little bit more comfort and range of motion with every repetition.

Apr 23

Core + More

A strong flow class with standing poses like Warrior 2 and Side Angle, + core strength movements such as Side Plank, Fallen Triangle & Crow.

Apr 24

Open Your Upper Back

This is the kinda class you need to find more freedom in your shoulders and spine as we focus of opening up the thoracic spine.

Apr 25

Better Balance

In this class as we explore ankle mobility, pelvic alignment, strong legs and explore balancing on all parts of the body.

Apr 26

10 Minute Movement Snack: Chair Yoga

Give your body a break from sitting with this little movement snack!

Apr 27

New Class

New classes we be released on the day.

Apr 28

Transitioning Camel to Wheel: You Got This!

A backbend themed class which works towards Camel & Wheel pose, with an opportunity to try out this transition which is a perfect starting point in learning to drop back.

Apr 29

Deep Stretch Vibes

Some deep hip openers with a side salad of hamstrings. Expect some Goddess pose, wide leg folds, Lizard and seated stretches.

Apr 30

Rise, Shine & Smile

Want a feel good flow? You've found it.